Jennifer Aniston To Pour Her Anger (lina) into a New Perfume Instead of Drinking It...Just Kidding - Update

As reported back in 2007, the rumors then started circulating of a possible upcoming perfume signed by Friends icon Jennifer Aniston. Three years later, it seems that the rumor has been confirmed by a source close to the actress. The romantic comedy cutie has reportedly been working diligently and discreetly for 20 months on a fragrance development project.

Initially, the brand Elizabeth Arden had been attached to the project although Arden said in July 2009 that they were concentrating on beauty products and were not looking to expanding their perfume portfolio. But this does not preclude the carrying-on of a fragrance development underway, if that is the case at all with Elizabeth Arden...

According to the same source quoted in OK! magazine, it is at the stage where names for the perfume have been reviewed but not selected yet although currently simply "Aniston" is a possibility (sounds a bit like "Halston": is that a good or a bad thing?) On the other hand it's a good, strong and simple name.

Jen "has yet to get 100 percent behind any name," says the source, "but the one she favors is 'Aniston.' "

Earlier on in February of 2009, Jennifer Aniston had neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of an upcoming signature perfume when asked by Marie-Claire UK. Given the development frame time, the perfume could very well come out this year.

One of the reasons a Jennifer Aniston perfume will no doubt get quite a lot of publicity is because of her flamboyant rivalry with Angelina Jolie often splashed across the tabloid headlines. The latter incidentally is meant to be associated with an upcoming perfume as well, an Armani fragrance but which is less her own signature scent than a campaign in which she is participating. Celebrities hired for such campaigns however can have a say in the choice of the final version of the perfume as took place in the case of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Balenciaga Paris. Will it be a cat fight between two perfumes?

Update 03/05/2010: According to Wonderwall, the perfume launch was confirmed by an Aniston rep and OK! added that the name "Aniston" is not considered while "Echo" was rejected. The rep said,

"It's all about capturing the idea of romance and freedom at any age," the source explains to the mag, "but it's hard to do that in just one word."

Jennifer Aniston is said to be looking forward to filming some really glamorous commercials for the scent. 


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