Balmain will Reintroduce Ebène (2010) {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}

B-Letter-TSS-B.jpgBalmain Parfums will reintroduce their classic men's cologne Ebène (Ebony) originally launched in 1983 this summer. The aromatic leather fougère in the style of the 70s-80s had been discontinued while being still visibly on demand. Repeated "out of stock" mentions at online discounters continue to signal its enduring desirability...

The relaunch of Ebène is scheduled for towards the end of June, beginning of July 2010.

This time and reading in-between the lines of the olfactory description of the fragrance, the scent will likely benefit from the advances in the technology of perfume where fresh facets and citrus notes are concerned.

"Ebony the king of trees since the dawn of time is a precious wood which heralds riches, power and glory...

Offering a powerful harmony of hesperidic and woody notes, Ebony is a tenacious and fresh perfume

The Eau de Toilette opens on notes of bergamot, lemon, anise and thyme. The heart comprises rose, jasmine, geranium, pine, cinnamon, carnation. The base notes rest on oakmoss, patchouli, musk, labdanum, tonka bean.

In the original French:

"L'Ebène, le roi des arbres depuis la nuit des temps, bois précieux, annonciateur de richesses, de puissance et de gloire...

Harmonie puissante de notes hespéridées et boisées, EBENE est un parfum frais et tenace.

"Notes de Tête

Bergamote, Citron, Anis, Thym

Notes de Cœur

Rose, Jasmin, Géranium, Pin, Cannelle, Œillet

Notes de Fond

Mousse de chêne, Patchouli, Musc, Labdanum, Fève Tonka"

Via Balmain

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  1. Nothing like Ebene. I was using it since the early 80's and now I search for it on net regardless of the cost. I tried several other good names, but Ebene is HOME! Good step Balmain

    Jamal A. Al Akkad
  2. Gibt es Ebene de Balmain wieder? Wo kann ich kaufen?

    Were can I by it?

    Herbert Pollmann
    • If you go to, they have a page on points of sale. I don't see any in Germany though.

      Chant Wagner
  3. Ebene should be reintroduced in 2010.
    By now we live in 2015!!!
    Any idea when we will really be able to buy this wonderful fragrance???


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