Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Cologne Splash (2010) {New Fragrance} USA Readers Only Giveaway {Contests & Giveaways}


E-Letter-TSS-B.jpgElizabeth Arden just released a new twist on Pretty launched in 2009 called Pretty Eau de Cologne Splash, going the way of Marc Jacobs Splashes in terms of size, to cool you down this spring and summer. It now has new fruity notes like White Peach and Pink Lady Apple and is bottled in a big splash bottle which you can elect to use as a spray if you prefer. It's here for a limited time only and we're hosting a giveaway of one free 6.8 fl. oz bottle for US readers only until tomorrow noon...

"This refreshing scent has all the characteristics you love from the original Pretty with a new twist. Additional notes include White Peach, Pink Lady, Watermelon Granita and Sheer White Woods. Splash on or spray with the enclosed pump and experience this fresh floral bouquet."

Suggested retail price is $45.

If you don't want one for yourself, you can also think about someone who might like it.


Free-Giveaway-Logo-2-B.jpgGiveaway: Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about any of the following topics: Do you have a favorite Eau de Cologne? When I say "Eau de Cologne" what's your next thought? Do you like to use Eau de Cologne or not and why? What do you think about the name Eau de Cologne, does it sound familiar or foreign? Do you prefer a splash bottle over a spray bottle and why? What do you think about oversized bottles, are they cool or not? You will be automatically entered and a winner will be randomly selected and announced tomorrow by noon Eastern Time. The bottle will be sent to the lucky winner directly by Elizabeth Arden, Inc.

Thanks for playing and good luck!

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  1. I LOVE cologne splashes! For the summer, its the perfect way to wear a fragrance. All you need is something light and refreshing. I love the splashes but I also have colognes with sprays as well. I LOVE oversized bottles! I say the more the merrier!! Pretty sounds delicious! Heres hoping for the best! Thanks!

    • I do tend to like oversized bottles even if I do not use them up :) They just look comfy on a dresser or a bathroom shelf.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I have been yearning for a spring scent that's feminine but not overwhelming and I think Pretty would be ideal!!

    Tina Renee
  3. I'm just starting up my perfume collection, so I don't even own a cologne. I think they are perfect for spring, because they're much lighter. I actually think that's the only time I'd really want a spray. For perfume I prefer to keep everything close and intimate, so I just like to dab a little on me.

    Then again, there's something fun about just "splashing" the cologne on yourself and not having to worry as much, because it's a lighter fragrance!

  4. I love Elizabeth Arden makeup and colognes/perfumes and have been using them for years. Pretty sounds like
    a delightful scent. I especially like the White Peach & Watermelon Granita!

    Della Pascual
  5. Pretty Eau de Cologne Splash sounds like an amazing light,refreshing scent for spring and summer. I love that you can use it as a splash or a spray!

    • Yes, it's a plus.

      Chant Wagner
  6. I love oversized bottles and I have no problems with eau de cologne (as long as it smells good) although I definitely prefer a spray over splash because it's quick and easy!

  7. My favorite Eau de Cologne is I love love by Moschino. I love the peach scent and it is so different from anything out there. And yes I do fin the term "Eau de Cologne" foreign, and European-like. Everyone I know says perfume.


    • In Europe, "Eau de Cologne" is used only to refer to 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser types of cooling splashes. In the US, just "cologne" is used to refer to men's scents and then sometimes used to replace the word "perfume" in colloquial language.

      Arden is using it, I think, to signal a twist on the traditional genre of the European Eau de Cologne with more fresh notes and less concentration of oils, meant to be more liberally splashed. Here, it's a modern cooling Eau de Cologne with fruits and mixed with the original scent of Pretty.

      Chant Wagner
  8. I love colognes! I work in retail and anything too strong could lose a sale. One of my favorites is the classic unisex 4711 from Germany, so I suppose colognes do seem to be European in origin. Eau de cologne makes me think of the Victorian ladies with their cologne to refresh and cool their handkerchiefs while traveling.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I was just answering Eve's comment and saying that "cologne" by itself meant sometimes "men's scents" and just "perfume." I guess, I need to add that it can be the shortened version of "Eau de Cologne", a la 4711 :)

      For retail people who don't want to intrude olfactorily speaking, an eau de cologne is a good choice, also baby/children perfumes which are very light and good for sensitive skins. Also fresh, understated scents like in the Clean line of perfumes.

      A Best-Of nearly-under-the-radar workplace scents would be great to put together!

      Chant Wagner

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