Givaudan Fete Spring at Le Printemps April 15 & 17, 2010 {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


F-letter-TSS-D.jpgFragrance company Givaudan is participating in an educational event part of La Fête du Printemps at the eponymous Parisian department store. The aim is to educate the wider public in the history and creation of fragrances. This Thursday April 15th at 6 pm and on Saturday April 17th from 3 to 4:30pm, two more workshops are scheduled which address three main topics with the help of three industry experts...

Rémi Pulvérail offers an introduction to raw materials and addresses the issue of sustainable development while perfumer Jean Guichard lectures on the great floral perfumes available today in the market. Finally, Maurizio Volpi talks about the various olfactory heritages of the world.


Venez à la rencontre de professionnels de la maison de création de parfums Givaudan et découvrez le monde de la parfumerie autour de trois thèmes :

  • Voyage initiatique au coeur des matières premières et du développement durable aux côtés de Rémi Pulvérail,
  • Les Grands Floraux du marché avec Jean Guichard,
  • L'héritage olfactif des différentes régions du monde avec Maurizio Volpi."

Each workshop lasts for about 45 mn and needs to be booked in advance at 01 42 82 49 00 or

Via Printemps

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