Globe & Mail is Looking for Testimonials: Are You Bothered by Perfume-Wearers at Work? {The 5th Sense in the News}


G-Letter-TSS.jpgGlobe Careers of Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail is looking for testimonials on the controversial topic of perfume-wearing in the workplace. You can either send your answer by email or leave a comment in a dedicated thread. You could also do both as journalist Wallace Immen probably won't be able to reproduce all the answers he receives. Here are the questions he asks...


"Do you or someone you know have a sensitivity to fragrances or scents? Does this present a problem for you at work? What has your employer done to help you find a solution? Has your company set up a scent-free policy?"

I'm wondering if one could not also find stories of compromises, cohabitation or of people actually enjoying smelling perfume around them? I know that I always appreciate it when someone smells exquisite :) There are also companies who diffuse a discreet scent in the offices to invigorate their employees, so it's not like perfume is not able to have a positive impact at work! Do we really want to go back to a mint-free era?

You can participate in this investigation here

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