How Knock-Off Perfumes are Distributed in Parking Lots {The 5th Sense in the News}


T-Letter-TSS.jpgThe Better Business Bureau revealed some details about the inelegant practice of selling copy-cat perfumes. A recruiting company called 5 Star Management is reported to try to hire people to sell knock-off perfumes without telling them upfront that this is going to be their main task. We're not sure what the second and third interviews tactics are supposed to be about? Break their morale, resistance, suspicions? Get them used to the idea that it's normal to sell fake perfumes in parking lots? Beyond the classic bait-and-switch approach it seems that many people could come to see copy-cat perfumes as being OK perfumes since in fact many businesses do this type of copying activity which they usually refer to as creating "types." However, they do not try to make those scents pass off usually as the real thing. Therein lies a nuance...

"Instead of being hired for management, these individuals report they'd been recruited as independent agents to sell knock-off perfumes to friends and family, and at shopping center parking lots.  Smith says often, they say they would go through two and even three interviews before being given all the details, "The person would respond to the j

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