Lancôme Trésor in Love the Commercial: So Trésor, So Romantic! {Perfume Images & Ads}


T-letter-Erte-B.jpgThe new commercial for the just-released flanker to Trésor (1990), Trésor in Love, is fronted by the daughter of Isabella Rossellini, Elettra Wiedemann. How could one forget the images that contributed to the success of the original fragrance? (see video after the jump). Just like Paris started to smell of Trésor in almost every one of its corners then, the city has still remained faithful to one of its favorite perfumes. I not infrequently smell the sillage of Trésor in a staircase, on a street, in the passage of women. It is one of those perfumes that sign an absence even long minutes after a person has left. The newer version is lighter, more transparent and luminous it seems (from the cap) and I have not tested it properly on skin etc. yet but the new commercial also relies on this idea of a presence-absence which is right on the dot in the case of the original...

Here is the commercial with Isabella Rossellini by Peter Lindbergh,

The commercial with Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann:

The Making-Of of the latest Trésor in Love film:

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