Bulgari Blv Eau d'Eté (2010): Violet-Mint in the Summer {New Perfume}

T-Letter-TSS-B.jpgThey had me at "violet-mint"; so refreshing! It also makes me curious, reminding me of the violet-mint accord in Jean-Charles Brosseau Fleurs d'Ombre Violette-Menthe (powdery) - and how could I forget? - the original and unique Caron Aimez-Moi which mixes violet, mint and anise with rose...

Blv Eau d'Eté Eau de Toilette (Blv Summer Water) is the latest flanker to Blv II Eau de Parfum, launched in 2009 and fronted by model Laetitia Casta. It sounds like both the top notes have been freshened while the drydown has been made to feel solar-ambery which usually means "beachy" as in a suntan lotion oil.
"Capture the luxurious feeling of summer on skin with this violet-mint eau de toilette. This irresistibly sparkling fragrance is at once bright and sunny, natural, and absolutely sophisticated. Fresh top notes fuse with a vibrant and subtle floral-amber heart. Sensual radiance permeates the solar-amber drydown."

Notes: Crisp Mint, Italian Lemon, Star Anise, Italian Mandarin, Iris Absolute, Drenched Violet, Jasmine Petals, Cinnamon, Siam Benzoin, Fir Balsam, Cistus, Ambergris, Musk.

Price: $62 for 1.7 fl. oz.

Via Sephora.com

Beverage-Tip-Logo-B.jpgPerfumed Beverage Tip: You can recreate a simplified drinkable version of this perfume by adding some Monin Violet Syrup (americas.monin.com or amazon.com) to sparkling water then add a sprig of mint and maybe a drop or two of mint syrup or Ricqlès peppermint cure drops (eyanghealth.com).

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  1. Ooh, this sounds quite promising. Thank you for the drink recipe as well! Love your blog!

    • Thanks! Don't forget to add some ice cubes :))

      Chant Wagner

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