Atelier des Parfums to Develop Halal Perfumes in Malaysia {Fragrance News}


L-letter-TSS-B.jpgLiving in Paris gives you a direct glimpse into the rise of the influence of Arabian perfumery in Europe, it is therefore not surprising to hear about the further push in the industry for developing a perfumery which corresponds to Islamic values while offering a modern adaptation taste-wise from heavily Oriental, balmy, resine-y, incense-y and oud-y to Fresh....

Bernama, the National Malyasian News Agency reports that the country has the ambition of becoming a hub of exchanges for Halal perfume products within the geographic scope of Islamic countries. To that effect, the services of a French company called Atelier des Parfums Est. 1936 and located in Grasse, another hub of perfumery but in Europe, is going to open a branch exclusively devoted to the plan. The new company is called Atelier des parfums Malaysia Sdn Bhd. CEO Hermann J. Portner is viewing Malaysia as an access platform to the global market while being able to use it to rely on the expertise of Muslim Malaysians to fine-tune and test their creations. 

"We are now able to bring world-class halal perfume, created in France and manufactured in Malaysia, to all Muslims around the world at affordable prices," Mustaffa said.

"We are giving them modern, fresh, new trendy scents that have never been created before and are not only by far superior to the existing halal fragrances on the market but also give consumers the security to use real halal certified products," he said.

Mustaffa said the company currently had a range of 22 modern scents for women and was now in the final stage of the certification process with the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

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perfume-tip-logo-B.jpgPerfume Tip: To have a taste of this freshened up type of modernized Arabian-inspired perfumery, you can check in the US market Amouage Homage Attar (samples available at and the upcoming Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot Cologne Intense (July 2010). In Europe, check also Elle d'Elissa and L'Eau d'Elissa by Georges Stahl.

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