The Creative Process Behind Tony Sirico Paolo Per Uomo: "I'll Say it's the French Guy's Fault" {Perfume Images & Ads}


I-Letter-TSS-4.jpgI have been wanting to smell Tony Sirico Paolo per Uomo which came out in 2008 (yes, I do have a long view of things) and meanwhile found this behind-the-scenes footage that looks like a DVD extra for The Sopranos series that could have been entitled "the French perfumer who almost messed up Tony's cologne but finally got it right." The creative team jokes around the Paulie character: "I'll say it's the French guy's fault." The nose behind Paolo per Uomo is Laurent le Guernec of IFF and it took him a rather quick 15 tries to get it right for Tony...

The final magic touch was reportedly a Cognac note.

"The Paolo man is a sensual man, a well-groomed man, a very risqué man, and a very sexy man and he smells good too - that's a Paolo man."

The program lasts 7:48 mn.

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