Happy May Day from The Scented Salamander!


F-letter-TSS-D.jpgFresh muguet from Paris this morning. I think I am going to buck the trend and not wear a lily of the valley perfume today because I prefer to have a clear nose to be able to smell it on the flowers.

I am also hesitant about turning into a human air freshener to mark the day, if you see what I mean. On any other day, it's a choice. On May Day, you risk turning into a party supply.

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  1. I just found your website today and I have enjoyed discovering and reading. Seeing the photo of the muguet reminded me that I have been searching for a perfume to wear in spring and summer. I wear Lancome's Tresor in the fall and winter, and its scent is complimentary to my body chemistry. I'd like something similar that is lighter and more refreshing for the warmest months. Thanks!


    • Welcome! As you may know, there is a new lighter version of Trésor this spring 2010 called Trésor in Love, if you are looking for more of the same. I am also thinking of another Lancôme scent for you, Hypnôse senses. If you are looking for the same ambiance of powdery, cosmetic perfume maybe with an apricot/peach nuance and/or rose, I can also think of Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot which might not be lighter but is more laidback and casual. You might like Ombre Rose de Jean-Charles Brosseau used in light touches. Otherwise, I'd recommend the new KenzoFlower Eau de Cologne which is powdery and fresh and very nice. It might just be what you are looking for actually.

      Chant Wagner

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