Jessica Simpson to Smell even More Sensual and Alluring with Upcoming Fancy Nights {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Scent}

A-letter-tss-city.jpgAfter the launch in 2008 of her debut fragrance Fancy, followed in 2009 by Fancy Love, Jessica Simpson is now turning to a more mysterious and romantic feel with the new upcoming Fancy Nights. The perfume to launch this summer 2010 is said to be inspired by "scenes of a sparkling moonlight fantasy." Simpson said, "My newest fragrance Fancy Nights gives me the chance to express a more romantic side of my personality. It's sexy and has that captivating, glamorous sense of enchantment that every girl wants to feel."

The perfume was composed by nose Steve de Mercado of Fragrance Resources who also created Queen by Queen Latifah, Escada Magnetism, Paris Hilton Heiress, Love at First Glow by Jlo, Penhaligon's Endymion and Ellenisia...

Fancy Nights which comes bottled in an emerald green version of her signature bottle inspired by a vintage flacon from the singer's collection is described as a mysterious spicy floral-oriental. "Sensual" and "alluring" are by-words when it comes to Jessica Simpson's fragrances, so I suppose that we can take the cue that this one is going to be *even* more sensual.

Fancy Nights opens on crisp and warm, rich notes of citrusy bergamot blending with an opulent green note of Egyptian papyrus. The heart is exotic with notes of Indonesian patchouli, Bulgarian red rose and Night Blooming Jasmine.The base notes are warm and velvety and rest on creamy vanilla, soft sandalwood, amber and oakmoss.

The Fancy Nights collection includes 100 ml and 50 ml of Eau de Parfum for $59 and $49 as well as a 6.0 oz body lotion for $30.

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  1. The bottle is gorgeous. Almost tempted to purchase sight 'unscented' just to have this medieval looking bottle on the vanity!

    Renee Wall

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