Jo Malone is Going Back to her Roots in Fragrance {Perfume News}

jo-malone-portrait.jpgA snippet of information culled from Women's Wear Daily (05/10/2010) announces that Jo Malone is currently working on a fragrance project from her home unrelated to the corporate Jo Malone label, now owned by the Estée Lauder cos. The British entrepreneur who is currently part of a new TV program "High Street Dreams" encouraging budding entrepreneurial talents is apparently feeling the need to tap into the energies that motivated her beginnings...

"Is there another chapter for me and fragrance? I hope so," said Malone, adding she has already set up an office in her dining room to work on a fragrance project unconnected with the original Jo Malone brand.

"I've gone all the way back to basics and am running a business from home again. The bathroom is the only place I can go that's uncluttered," she said with a chuckle. "I love the fact that I'm starting from scratch and watching the pennies again."

Picture: courtesy photo via WWD

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