Stella McCartney Sheer Stella(2010): Organically Yours {New Perfume} {Rose Notebook}

Stella Sheer-B.JPGSince 2004 when the first flanker Sheer Stella was introduced as a spring/summer edition of the original Stella launched in 2003 and signed by perfumer Jacques Cavallier, an annual edition has been released each year.

In 2010, there is a nature-bound Persian organic-rose twist to the lovely first rose composition which is out as a limited-edition...

Sheer Stella 2010 has been "infused with an organic rose grown in the mountains giving Sheer Stella, a light, natural appeal." The brand was reportedly able to purchase a whole harvest of organic rose which remains thus exclusive to Stella McCartney creating a one-time only perfume in line with the vintage concept familiar to winemakers, and which has been promoted in the field of perfumery by the Givenchy Harvest collection and l'Artisan Parfumeur Harvest fragrances, and more recently by Demeter Vintage Naturals.

The fragrance opens on fresh, natural top notes of Green Apple, Frosted Lemon and Bulgarian Rose leading to a romantic heart of Celestial Rose, Rose Absolute, and Iranian Organic Rose, before mellowing down to a base of warm, sensual Amber.

The limited-edition flacon was designed by British painter Philip Jones who is internationall renowned and most recently had an exhibition in Madrid.

A 3.3 fl oz of eau de toilette is priced at $62 and available from

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