W Magazine Visits Serge Lutens's Abode in Marrakech {Fragrant Readings}

T-letter-tss-quaint-B.jpgThe June 2010 issue of W Magazine has a story on the house designed by Serge Lutens in Marrakech. The place itself is reportedly little lived-in as Lutens prefers the more humane proportions of a modest studio on the outskirts of the city. It still serves as his perfumer's laboratory.

Visitors to the Shiseido Salons at the Palais Royal will notice Serge Lutens's predilection for a purple range of colors, which is a trademark of the Salons, and has appeared most recently verbatim on the outer packaging of the upcoming Boxeuses to be launched in September 2010...

The box of Boxeuses is a matte black edged in mauve, like a fragment taken from the boutique, while the jus itself is the color of a subtle smoky topaz (paler than pictured on the press visual.) Purple already made a conspicuous appearance to color the jus of Sarrasins, a jasmine dressed in shockingly dark inky purple which caused a deep stir among perfume aesthets. The jus of the upcoming Bas de Soie follows this purple-violet theme not only because it features iris but also because it is colored the tint of a transparent-to-pallid amethyst as well.

You can buy a copy of W Magazine for the full article but a slideshow is available to watch here.

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