An Antique Guerlain Flacon Breaks a World Record in an Auction {Fragrance News}

flacon-guerlain-1870-rue-paix.jpgAn anonymous French perfume bottle collector just left his mark in the annals of fragrance collecting by bidding high on an 1870 engraved Guerlain flacon (pictured above.)

According to perfume bottle expert Bernard Gangler, this sale sets a new world record and it all happened unassumingly in the South-West of France in Arcachon...

International bidders were on the scene via telephone. The precious Guerlain flacon engraved with the original address of the Guerlain boutique "Rue de la Paix" was originally estimated at 20 000 € to 30 000€ and finally adjudicated for 45 600€ or approximately US$ 55,865.

A Chanel flacon of Ivoire from 1931 got a bid of 1 300€.


In March 2010, the same fragrance expert had publicized another Guerlain world record for a 1912 flacon which was sold for 61,065€.

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