Benefit Crescent Row Lookin' to Rock Rita, So Hooked on Carmella, Garden of Good & Eva (2010) {New Fragrances}

Benefit Cosmetics have launched a new trio of fragrances inspired by the Crescent Row story which they started telling last year where three girls are living next door to each other while living in the skins of very contrasted personalities.

After Laugh with me LeeLee, There's Something about Sofia and My Place or Yours Gina, Benefit hooks up with Lookin' to Rock Rita, So Hooked on Carmella and Garden of Good & Eva... 

The mini cocktail shakers and the concept stay but the scents are different.

Lookin' to Rock Rita is a green fruity fragrance with notes of lemon, coconut, freesia / juicy fig, hyacinth, violet / sandalwood, rosewood, vanilla.

So Hooked on Carmella is a vanilla perfume featuring notes of lemon, grape, rhubarb / cyclamen, peony, tiare flower / vanilla, sandalwood, amber.

Garden of Good & Eva is a citrus floral. Its notes are pear, watermelon, an ozonic note, lily of the valley / rose, jasmine petal, violet leaves, freesia / sandalwood, musk, cedar wood.

Each 30 ml shaker is priced at 36€ or approximately $44 and currently exclusively available at Sephora in France. List price for the 2009 Crescent Row collection in the US is $36 so I expect it will remain the same when the perfumes are out in the US.

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