Gucci will Launch New Feminine Fragrance Fronted by Rachel Evan Wood {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

WWD have announced that Gucci will launch a new feminine fragrance (release date and name still under wraps) which will be fronted by young actress and singer Rachel Evan Wood who was picked for her mix of international recognition and relative discretion. Gucci artistic director Frida Giannini said,

"I chose Evan Rachel Wood as she has very strong character," "She's young, but rising and [an] influential figure. I didn't want to offer this project to someone overexposed or too well known. Instead, I wanted a fresh individual that would coincide with the image of the project."...

"I have always admired her confidence and her ability to transform herself in front of the camera. Even though she can appear shy at times, when the camera starts rolling, she becomes animated and vivacious. She is incredible, very sexy, and her eyes and face really attract the people of her generation."

Rachel Evan Wood will be the feminine celebrity counterpart of

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  1. I couldn't post a comment for the previous article, but Gucci's new fragrance is called GUILTY, and it's supposed to be Gucci's Lady Million ( they said The same thing for Flora-their J'adore...)


    • Great to know. That's a strong name. So, they seem to be taking the route where you encounter names such as: Guilty, My Sin, Unforgivable, etc. It's a little bit in the strain of a Rock Chick atmosphere which is not surprising why Rachel Evan Wood would be considered a good choice. She certainly has the credentials on and off stage.

      Chant Wagner

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