Fan di Fendi (2010) {New Fragrance}

Fendi didn't do too well with their latest launch Palazzo which had to be discontinued only 18 months after having been introduced to market. The brand then said that the fragrance was not so much performing poorly as performing below expectations...and they did not have the patience to wait and see if it would improve, apparently.

To try to redeem the name of Fendi in the world of fragrances, a new women's perfume will be launched from September 2010 called Fan di Fendi. Visibly the label is interested in making their image look less static and staid leaving classic glamor behind for a more party atmosphere...

The marketing concept visibly rests upon the popular Gen Y rock-chick theme with the ad appearing to be a cross between the Chloe Three Graces concept and the bling feel of a Cathy Guetta fragrance escaped from a discotheque in St Tropez.

Anja Rubik (who was in the Chloe ad), Abbey Lee Kershaw et Karmen Pedaru will front the advertising campaign art-directed by Fabien Baron who also designed the bottle.

The perfume is meant "for women who are free, sensual, joyous, and electrifying."

The jus is signed by perfumer Delphine Lebeau-Krowiakj under the direction of olfactive director François Demachy. A new structure called LVMH Fragrances Brands has been inaugurated at LVMH which will supervise the launch of Fan di Fendi.

Prices: 52€ for 30 ml and 90€ for 75ml.


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  1. I can't wait to hear more about this one. I'm loving the bottle. : )

    • The bottle is great!

      I suspect Lady Million is the kind of scent that needs to be lived in to be truly appreciated. It is flattering to a woman, I think, and will no doubt enhance the attraction factor. So I see happy stories unfolding around this one but without it being immediately a killer signature, again :) I don't want to raise people's expectations too much as it can have an adverse effect on the initial perception of the perfume :)

      Chant Wagner
  2. I couldn't post a comment for the previous article, but Gucci's new fragrance is called GUILTY, and it's supposed to be Gucci's Lady Million ( they said The same thing for Flora-their J'adore...)

    • Thanks for the tip! I reproduced your comment under the Gucci post which had until now the comments section accidentally disabled.

      Chant Wagner

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