Scented Quote of the Day, from Thierry Mugler:

In 1992, Thierry Mugler expressed himself around the launch of Angel, affirming the artistry of his approach to fragrance which he contrasted with the American one which he saw as marketing-driven...

He said,

"Real creation touches you for its beauty, for its authenticity which imposes itself even in the face of a marketing from hell. One ought not to say that Americans are creators. This is not true. They create good products and marketing."

In truth, Angel was innovative on several levels: the sophisticated gourmand accord, the star-shaped bottle by Brosse which posed an impossible technical challenge at first and had to be manufactured half mechanically by hand in the end, the creative idea of associating a pale blue color with a warm oriental fragrance, all contributed to the shaping of a distinctive product which met a huge fan base.

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  1. The hubris of the French is most stunning. They, like the British, can thank the Italians for all style from dress to gardens; but they never do and they never will.
    Children, once you have finished your studies at RISDE, go to Italy to continue your eduction.


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