Fendi Palazzo Discontinued After 18 Months {Fragrance News - News Bites}

Model Raquel Zimmermann poses for Fendi Palazzo, via mes-parfums.com.

The decision to axe Fendi Palazzo was announced on February the 10th 2009 by Women's Wear Daily. The perfume had benefited from glamorous advertising shot by Karl Lagerfeld, a bottle design to be remembered with its Mod representation of the Fendi Palazzo and was part of a new generation of fragrances said to be closely supervised by François Demachy who insisted that under his tenure his team would offer better quality control...

Why this early retirement? It does not always happen this way, but a good reason why, I realized, this perfume will be disappearing from your shelves is that it simply did not try hard enough to have a personality of its own. It turns out to be a barely-disguised xerox-copy of Ange et Démon by Givenchy. It gets even more Kafkaian when you know that both Fendi and Givenchy are owned by the LVMH luxury group. You suddenly think of all the red tape that fragrances have to go through.

Consider now the hidden irony of the tag line: "L'esprit Fendi dans une nouvelle eau de toilette."/"The spirit of Fendi in a new Eau de Toilette." More like, the spirit of LVMH.

What were the comments back in February 09 to explain the discontinuation?

Gabriella Scarpa, country general manager for LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics in Italy said that the sales "while encouraging, didn't meet expectations" in 2008.


"Palazzo was Fendi's first major fragrance launch in collaboration with the company's distribution partner, Christian Dior Perfumes and Cosmetics. Unveiled at a major press event in Rome in summer 2007, Palazzo was Fendi's first scent to be introduced since the mid-Eighties. Its rectangular bottle with a graphic black sketch of a building was meant to resemble Fendi's headquarters. Karl Lagerfeld shot images for Palazzo's ad and also for a storybook, called "Palazzo," to accompany the scent's launch."

If only more attention and ideas had been devoted to the perfume itself, it might have made more sense. What a waste. But in this case apparently all the money went to construct the images of the perfume rather than to the composition itself. And with the money gone elsewhere all the creativity was siphoned out of the Palazzo-perfume project. The bottle though, I think, will be remembered and as long as Ange et Démon thrives you won't miss it.

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  1. Do you know how much it costs Dior to produce a bottle of J'adore (packaging, bottle and juice)? ... less than € 02,00! I'm not counting research. All the rest goes into marketing, advertising, paying Charlize Theron, distrubution.
    Now I'm not throwing a stone at LVHM. I suppose there are other big groups(and even independent brands) that pay even less.
    If they only could bring back ART into perfumery. Like when they used to first create a beautiful perfume and only after that started to think how to sell it and not the other way arround.


    • Those who will create art with perfume will always be a minority. I am not a purist where the perfumery-as-art stance is concerned. I think it's fine to create and appreciate perfumes in a more laid-back manner, more like making a good recipe. But here there is a certain crossing of the line where consumers might feel that it's only about the money, not even simple and clean enjoyment.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Why does it have to be discontinued? I think it isn't much like copy of Ange Ou Demon (which I love too) at least on my own skin. I'll sure now buy the 3.4 oz bottle for me, simply because I love Palazzo.
    P.S. EDT will be discontinued as well as I understand?

  3. What a shame - all the best things get discontinued. A unique perfume which could be developed as a signature fragrance. I absolutely loved it and had numerous compliments when I was wearing it.

    Viv Constable
  4. Can they not manufacture a limited amount again because i have been desperately looking to buy some more! It's my favourite scent but will definately try Ange et Demon. If u have any stock left please contact me so I may purchase some. Everybody i know has been trying to find some for me somewhere! Is it available in Italy?


    • I see it on eBay.com

      Chant Wagner
  5. I loved loved loved the Fendi Palazzo lotion body milk. I have searched every store in Atlanta & across the country for it. Please bring the Fendi products back ! I received so many compliments when I wore it and I'm sure I helped sell alot of it when I told them I was wearing Fendi lotion and perfume. LV should re-market this wonderful wonderful product !!

  6. I loved Fendi Palazzo, it's the best perfume I've ever worn, especially with its shimmering creamy body milk!! I couldn't believe when they told me it's discontinued. I kept on searching in all the Lebanese stores, even I called my friends in Canada & USA!! Appreciate bringing back this product..
    Best Regards,
    Mireille Kalaani from Lebanon

    Mireille Kalaani

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