Loewe 7 (2010): The Spirit of Bullfighting with Cayetano Rivera {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne} {Celebrity Scent}

In December 2009, Loewe announced that they would release a new masculine fragrance fronted by Spanish bullfighter Cayetano Rivera. And now hot off the news wire, we learn that the name of the fragrance is 7 or "Siete." It is a reference to the seven capital sins, the seven wonders of the world and the seven cosmic laws.

The blue of the bottle was carefully selected to correspond to a color called "Peacock Blue" which is one used to color the matador's costume of lights...

The perfume composition itself apparently offers a noticeable floral facet, which is not surprising considering the feminine elements in the persona of the matador who looks like a masculine, deathlier version of the ballerina. The flacon could as well have been fuschia pink, going by the colors sported by bullfighters.

"The dominant notes -- rose, lily of the valley and Moroccan neroli -- create floral harmony. Pepper berry, absolute incense, Moroccan Atlas cedar, red apple essence, musk and vetiver round off the composition."

As befitting a fashion brand, the advertising campaign will show Cayetano Rivera getting ready for the corrida in those moments of preparation in which the toreador focuses and gets into his (very tight) "suit of lights." The ads shot in black and white will be unveiled in September 2010.

We found a commercial featuring Rivera for Loewe, but it does not look like the moment described above.

Via latercera; fashionfromspain

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