The Scent of Crystal for Swarovski by Tokujin Yoshioka {Fragrance News} {Perfume & Art}

This is not really about perfume in a material sense - if it is ever really that - but rather perfume as an idea, a representation, at least in these preliminary stages. Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka was asked by Swarovski to come up with a design that would symbolize the Austrian crystal jewelry company. Yoshioka decided to turn to the creation of a perfume bottle which affects the senses...


His idea translates into dropping a faceted Swarovski crystal into a flacon containing a scent or not - water for now - and "to let the crystal fit within the perfume." The project has been named "The Scent of Crystal" but has not been concretized yet.

Models attempt to give an idea of what the project might be. Do they really want perfume to be contained in this bottle? It is unclear.

Maybe a perfumer will be tempted by this concept.



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