ChapFix, a Lip Balm Just for Men {Beauty Notes - Grooming} {New Beauty Product}

Among the zillions lip balm that float in the universe, only one had not been created yet, the one just for men. To remedy the oversight, a brand was founded called ChapFix. One tag line is "engineered for men," another one is "The evolution of lip balm." The composition of the balm does not claim to lubricate men's lips differently from women's lips. On the other hand, the packaging is all a man wants to hold in his hand and identify with...

There are "grips for inclement conditions," "streamline surface will not roll," "sleek profile does not bulge in pockets." The "arched caps slips into pockets with ease" which means it's meant for trousers-wearing guys rather than bag-clutching women.

The packaging is indeed distinctive, angular and feels like it uses the characteristics of sportswear but for the lips. The ad copy hits on all the right buttons to let men adopt this slightly feminine gesture safely (unless you're a Norwegian fisherman and really don't see or care to see the point.) The visual called "compare" from their website ostensibly opposes flat and angular lines (New) to round and circular one (Old).

The balm itself contains beeswax, mineral oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. It's flavored with mint. It also contains a light sunscreen SPF 15 UVA / UVB and is PABA free.

A pack of 3 ChapFix Lip Balms is priced at $10 and available at

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