Essie Creates Morticia's Nails for The Addams Family Broadway Musical {Beauty Notes - New}

essie-morticia-nails.jpgEssie released a special set of nail polishes on the occasion of the production of a new The Addams Family musical show on Broadway. The set polishes, called Morticia's Nails, sound like an early headstart taken on Halloween festivities, but look more wearable than their individual names make them to be....

That red though looks a little too suggestive...

"Every fashionable lady of the darkness will be drawn to Morticia's Nails. Blood Curdling Red is certain to scare the crows away. Bone Chilling White will remind you that death is just around the corner. And Midnight Tango is all but certain to keep the passion alive."  

The set is priced at $30 and is available online at The Addams Family Musical Store


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