Emilio Pucci Miss Pucci (2010) {New Fragrance}

miss-pucci-B.jpgPucci have introduced their latest fragrance called Miss Pucci. The perfume rests on a magnolia and rose accord and is described as a sparkling musky-floral. It was co-created by perfumers François Demachy, Christine Nagel and Benoît Lapouza; Demachy is the olfactive director of LVMH.

"Youthful, fresh, and seductive, miss Pucci is undeniably modern while opening a window to the retro Pucci lifestyle of vibrant color, perpetual motion, and sun-soaked destinations."...


Influenced by the other recenty re-looked Pucci flacons by Danish designer Helle Damkjaer, the new bottle by French designer Ora Ito this time, borrows from the new Pucci flacon code while adding its own signature sculptural twist, seen in his own work for the Guerlain bottle of Idylle. The colors and prints reveal the fresh modern feel of traditional Pucci kaleidoscopic patterns.

The Eau de Parfum features notes of Winter Sicilian Lemon, Turkish Rose, Comoros Ylang-Ylang, Tunisian Orange Blossom, Arabian Sambac Jasmine, Texas Cedar, Florentine Iris, White Musk.

They seem to have wanted to go both for an energetic and feminine feel.

The ad campaign was shot by photographer Solve Sundsbo and features model Malgosia Bela.

Currently available at Sephora.com for $53, $74 and $89. Harrods in London carries it exclusively in the UK. In France, it's also at Sephoras.

You can read reviews of the original Pucci Vivara, the new Pucci Vivara.

Pucci also released a trio of scents in 2009 called Variazioni. In France, the Sabbia 167 by Annick Menardo, a powdery floral, seems to have sold less well because it's the only one currently on sale.

Ad pic via Fashionista Barbie

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  1. I recently sampled this fragrance. The floral notes are definitely overpowering - and yes, it's very feminine. My fiance said I smelled like an "older woman". lol

    Maria Palma

    • It is an unfortunate expression, which is also quite often used. How about saying that a perfume smells "sophisticated" instead? But one cannot blame anyone for being able to smell a distinction between youth-oriented fragrances and the others since the former tend to smell more and more like a visit to the candy store or the shower booth. Not that there is anything wrong with sugary and clean perfumes per se, it's just that there is some stereotyping going on.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I love the variety of perfumes. My tastes are always changing. At one moment I like heavy and sweet flavors, at the next - light and fresh with citrus notes. I think this one I also will like.


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