Tokidoki Vanita Mirror (2010): Cuteness Overload Alert {Beauty Notes - New - Tools & Accessories}

Tokidoki-Vanita-Mirror.jpgReady for more Kawai feel-good beauty vitamins? Here is one of the cute-as-can-be new Vanita Mirror by Tokidoki (lit. Sometimes), the Italian fashion and beauty brand which feels like reading a comic strip on the subway. There are three designs, 24 Karat, Kabuki and Kaiten (shown above.) I picked Kaiten because, honestly, this kaiten-sushi motif is unexpected on a mirror compact while reminding you to eat healthy! (otherwise death will look you in the face -- see on the right of the design)...

It's also a reflection of modern life in the city where food gets pushed to you on a conveyor belt. It can inspire critical reflections on the pace of life while encouraging you to adopt the slow lifestyle.

Okay, maybe it's just practical and cute.

"This on-the-go essential opens to reveal a regular mirror on one side and a 3x magnification mirror on the other. A three-dimensional etching on the back adds a lively touch that will make this mirror your new favorite accessory."

But wait, I was not the only one to think there is a message here, hidden somewhere behind the toons: it helps you deal better with harsh reality apparently. Who said beauty items are anecdotal?

"This must-have makeup companion is glamorous-yet-durable, strong enough to face this unforgiving world."

Price: $25. Available at

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  1. Tokidoki is an Italian brand, it's just Japanese-inspired.

    • Thank you, I made the correction.

      Chant Wagner

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