Narciso Rodriguez Essence EDP Intense & Musc Collection Fall 2010 (2010): Perfumery Material Monogamy {New Perfume} {Fragrance News}

Narciso Rodriguez will release a new flanker to Essence, called Essence Eau de Parfum Intense. It is a limited-edition. It will be showcased as part of the Musc Collection Fall 2010 which also reprises For Her EDP Intense (2009) which now becomes part of the permanent collection, and For Him which is offered in both a smokier and shinier version of the original opaque glass bottle. Fashion designer Rodriguez took the opportunity to reassert his belief in the unique characteristics of the ingredient musk...

It has become his signature perfumery material in a rather unprecedented move in the mainstream market at making the name "Narciso Rodriguez" rhyme with musk in the collective consciousness of perfume consumers. In niche perfumery, this took place for oud with Pierre Montale, and new, more recent oud-centric brands. Comme des Garçons although they do not advertise themselves as all about woods, have been developing the theme for years since their first success and now more explicitly with the new Wonderwood. Les Parfums de Rosine is also another example of a niche perfume brand solely devoted to one material, rose.

"Musk has always fascinated me. It has the same kind of natural sensuality that I try to achieve in all my creations. Somehow raw yet refined, it has an uncanny ability to capture the personality of anyone who wears it, becoming as one with their skin."

Essence EDP Intense is described in general terms as "the ultimate tribute to musk, where the designer's favorite scent has been refined to a deeper, more profound level with the addition of fresh floral notes imbued with an airy luminosity."

The Musc Collection Fall 2010 will be avaible this fall at Sephora.

Via Fashion and Runway

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  1. I love Narcisos' fragrances. His original for woman is one of my all time favorites. I really love Essence as well. I can't wait to try this new Intense version. I love the darker bottle. I can't wait to try the new muscs as well. : )


    • It's a recent one which feels like a classic already.

      Chant Wagner

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