Worth Je Reviens to be Relaunched this Summer-Fall 2010 {Fragrance News}

Je Reviens by Worth (I'll Return), issued originally in 1932, will be relaunched at the end of this summer in London to coincide with the revival and the return of the house of Worth to Haute Couture. The website of Worth Paris, which has changed its design since the last time I checked giving more prominence to fashion, mentions the skyscraper bottle of the Art Deco period as the container for the relaunch, but this bottle was already re-introduced previously under the name Je Reviens Couture in the fall of 2004...

No word so far on how different this new relaunch will be. It is ostensibly higher profile. But about the jus itself, we don't know yet if there will be an advertised reformulation.

If it is any indication, the new fashion of the House of Worth designed now by Giovanni Bedin is a curious mix of revivalist Worth fashion from the 19th century and Mary Quant's contribution to the history of mini skirt lengths. Bedin's designs look like decapitated frilly and crinoline-structured Worth gowns from the grand era. The bodice has been made to expand over the hips and fall half-way on the thighs. The dresses look like vertugadins but without skirts. In perfumery terms this could give what is called a faithful yet modern adaptation.

This newly-announced Je-Reviens relaunch will be showcased at Harrods from August 28th to October 2nd, 2010.

There is also a dedicated website at WorthJeReviens.com, which may or may not be part of this Worth relaunch project, and a new one in the making at courtworth.com

In 2005, Worth Paris introduced a new fragrance called Courtesan which was inspired by Cora Pearl, signed by renowned perfumer Pierre Bourdon.

We have seen downmarket versions of the house's classic fragrances as well, which for at least one of them mentioned by Jan Moran in her guide Fabulous Fragrances, Vers Toi, was reintroduced in 1985.

It is fitting that Je Reviens be made part of the return of the House of Worth as its name has always been seen as a great message of optimism beyond the quality of the scent created by Maurice Blanchet, one that soldiers during WWII liked to extend and offer to their sweethearts. Apparently, today as ever, Worth is saying, "I'll return."

Via Shutter Voice; Vogue UK

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  1. Some ingredients from the original formula are on the IFRA list, but fortunately the folks at Givaudan, who worked on the original formula, are very serious when it comes to the integrity of a fragrance; especially one with a pedigree such as Worth. Let's keep our fingers crossed. If the brand wants to skew to a younger audience we might see a "cleaner" version.

    Michelle Krell Kydd
    • Thank you for this illuminating comment -- indeed, now there is IFRA to keep in mind when looking at relaunches. I think there have been reformulations before. Couture, to me, smelled more like my memory of an earlier version of Je Reviens as it was sold in France in the early 80s.

      Chant Wagner

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