Jean-Charles Brosseau Fleurs d'Ombre Bergamote (2009) {New Fragrance}

Last year, French milliner Jean-Charles Brosseau, the name behind the 1980s hit Ombre Rose, has launched a new perfume in the Fleurs d'Ombre collection (Flowers of the Shadow) called Bergamote. It follows Violette-Menthe (2005), Ombre Bleue (2005), Jasmin Lilas (2006), Rose (2008)...

"For many years Jean-Charles Brosseau had been planning his citrus cologne, he wanted a fragrance full of freshness, with lemon-tangerine-jasmine connotations; he wished to compose a cheery fragrance, full of the sun's beams."

The fragrance is said to open on fresh and acidulous top notes of bitter orange, citronella and bergamot before leading to a heart of rosemary, heliotrope, jasmine and clove. The base rests on tonka bean, patchouli, oakmoss and amber. The scent is classified as a citrusy cologne.

Prices: from £26 to £56. The fragrance appears to be more readily available in the UK.


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