Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum (2010) Take 2: The Lifestyle Fragrance Review {Perfume Shorts}

The thought struck me today (after nearly 4 1/2 years of blogging, cough, cough; the simplest things are the hardest, is my defense. It once took me 3 months to finally devise a "course lecture" on fragrance for 4 to 5 year-old toddlers, so I know or I think I know) that it might be a good idea to offer a doublet review of a particular fragrance for people who care less about context and more about practical tips, wearability and matters of personal taste. I had been toying with the idea more or less and suddenly, it all became crystal clear: I just need to focus on the wearability factor and social-occasions questions for the doublet review which I usually don't find room for in my longer reviews.

Notes: citrus grove accord, rose water / night blooming jasmine, wild violets, Amazon lily / sensual musk, golden amber, sandalwood.

Lifestyle-wise, I would qualify the new Jennifer Aniston perfume (longer review here) as an elegant, sunny and clean, but not-too-clean clean fragrance which succeeds in bringing together a certain old-world charm and clean American feel. Jasmine lovers should check it out as it's a well-balanced, medium-grade jasmine scent which feels neither too raunchy-animalic nor too girly-floral. It's a bit transparent but without feeling aqueous...

If you like fragrances like Chanel No.5 or White Linen by Estée Lauder, but were hoping to find a toned-down, younger version of the soapy notes in these, then it's also worth a try.

The style of Jennifer Aniston EDP is casual and urban and despite the beach theme apparent in the advertising and story, it's not a beach scent per se as it does not smell of the sea, sand, air, algae etc. as one might expect. If it smells of sand, it's the perfume-y kind of sand one finds in Sand and Sable by Coty. I do not find the fragrance to be laid-back or sporty either as it cultivates an understated sense of sophistication.

As for its wearability factor, I would say it's easy to wear unless you really cannot stand anything above a minimalist, barely-there skin scent. It's a day-into-night kind of fragrance, with a versatile personality. It's feminine, but also business-like as it does not feel overpoweringly sensual and female; Jennifer Aniston is after all a working woman. It offers a medium-range sillage. After it gets into the drydown phase, the eau de parfum becomes more like a light, airy skin scent while keeping a nice contrast between sunny citrusy top notes and more lady-like aldehydes.

Appropriate for: work, first stages in dating, casual social occasions, moms on the go.

The takeaway: a sunny, clean, versatile, sophisticated and qualitative jasmine scent  

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  1. I liked your condensed review Marie! It contrasts well if the conceptual one, and offers a concise view of the smell, the longevity, the use. You should do it more :)
    I don`t know if I feel interested in trying Jennifer Anniston frag. I don`t know what people see on Jennifer, she always seemed, as a person and as an actress, arrogant, and I didn`t like it on her. I recently discovered that like grassy, non animalic jasmine fragrances, and found a great one on this style, 24 Faubourg Eau Delicate. This one doesn`t seem something that I would appreciate, as it sounds like every celebrity scent, a simplyfied view of something better.

    Henrique Brito

    • Hi Henrique,

      Thanks! I do plan to do it more, even systematically so. It's good practice. I was even thinking of going back and wondering how I might crunch down some Serge Lutens or Humiecki and Graeff reviews say into a more practical format. Could be fun in some cases!

      Jennifer Aniston is rather qualitative but derivative at the same time. From a wearability perspective, it only matters how it might smell on your skin and/or clothes and every nuance, every mood in perfumery counts. Another comparison one can make is with the more luminous version of No. 5, Eau Première. It's less refined than Eau Première but still pretty good.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I agree with Henrique about your condensed review -- perfect length and amount of detail. Very informative. Thank you.
    Both of you gave me great leads on what seem to be more sophisticated versions of Aniston's fragrance. Still I'd like to smell it. My understanding is that it's available only at Harrods. Any tips on how to get a sniff before buying (and I don't mean a sample, though that's ideal of course; I'd be happy with a spray on a piece of paper)?


    • Thank you for your kind words. The only venues I know of are auction sites featuring private sales. The fragrance is currently sold out at Harrods: "Due to high demand this item is temporarily unavailable." It is not going to be easy before it hits a wider distribution network.

      Chant Wagner
  3. Thanks for this review. I just bought the Jennifer Aniston perfume for myself and love the fact that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, like so many others. I don't like heavy scents. This one was nice and fresh to me, and my husband says he loves it on me. I couldn't put my finger on why I love this perfume, until I read your review. I had no idea of the perfume's components, and now it makes sense. - I am attracted to clean citrus, woodsy & musky scents in general, and love old world florals too. This was also reasonably priced.

    Linda O'Halloran
    • Linda,

      I'm glad you found a perfume to love. Bonus point for it being pleasing to your husband. The bottle is nice too.

      It doesn't seem to have made it to the States yet, which is a bit of a mystery really considering her fan base must be predominantly located in her own country. So for right now, it remains more special and confidential a scent, which is perhaps what the Aniston brand is looking for.

      Chant Wagner

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