Osmoz Launch 3 Viral Videos about Fragrance: Why you Need that Spritz of Scent in your Day {Perfume Images & Adverts}

The educational arm of leading fragrance company Firmenich (#2 in the world), Osmoz, set up in 2001, have launched a sensitization campaign to the positive role that perfume can play in your life with the introduction of a series of 3 videos telling 3 different stories about perfume based on social data.

The theme of the campaign is to muse around the idea of What life would be without perfume? Excellent question, which gives rise to comical situations as illustrated by agency Kalinhas in a production signed by TechandCo with an original music by Cyril Creuset...

The sample of polled people is said to be 438 persons based in France and the USA, which seems to indicate a rather confidential reach, but Osmoz thought it was significant enough to base their videos' messages on this representative sample.

You can also enter to win a random draw of a year's worth of fragrance, i.e. "150 € of perfume or $190 of perfume."

The videos, as befits the medium of expression they are illustrating, are silent movies:

La Femme Invisible / The Invisible Woman

76% of polled women say that their perfume allows them to attract attention

La Femme Nue / The Naked Woman

85% of polled women feel naked without perfume


Le Reflet / The Reflection

63% of polled men say that perfume is the final touch to their look

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