Thymes Brings Back Filigree for the Holidays (2010) {Fragrance News}

With the tag line "The return of a fan favorite", Thymes is launching a  Special Edition Filigree eau de parfum this Holiday season. The fragrance had been discontinued in 2009 but daily mails ensured that the brand could not ignore that it was mourned by their customers... 
"Never before in our history have we received this level of response."

"The Filigree fragrance is intricate and warm, graceful and elegant. The clean, lovely scent features a complex blend of rich amber, juniper berry and warm cedarwood, layered with neroli and white willow. An ideal scent for the holiday season, Filigree is the perfect warm touch for festivities."

It is currently available for pre-orders. The perfume will ship in November 2010.

The fragrance is in principle here for a limited time only and until supplies last.

Price: $60 for 3,25 fl oz.

Via press release

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  1. Do you still have the Thymes-Filigree fragrance?
    Where can I buy it?

    richard sarthou

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