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Shanghai_Express.1932.jpgA quaint theory about recommended, ideal perfume-wearing is resurfacing in the republic of Georgia in which the color of your hair calls for specific types of scents. Some say it is really a skin-type theory as the color of your hair is said to be linked to a certain type of skin. Others may just think it is really a color-wheel fashion-oriented theory whereby certain smells seem to match better certain tones, even artificially dyed ones...


Do we spontaneously think brunettes should ideally stick to dark scents while blondes wear light, transparent ones? But what about competing theories resting on regional cultural differences like, say, dark-haired Asia's preference for ethereal perfumes? In Georgia, the current hair-color theory is even more precise than usual while being careful to use the notion that it is all about representations or society's "expectations."

Also, interestingly and as I had thought so possible, the officially masculine Bleu de Chanel is a feminine bestseller there.

"While choosing a perfume one should be careful. There are several smells that suit women with different hair-colours.
Brunettes are expected to wear spicy or woody fragrances, which may contain jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, lily, amber and sandalwood. Many people believe that only fresh fruity fragrances suit blondes. In order to meet people’s expectations, blondes are advised to wear perfumes that contain lavender, freesia, lily of the valley, bergamot, mimosa, and citrus.

Women with red hair are usually associated with sexy and sensual fragrances, which can be found in perfumes that contain a blend of galbanum, lilac, carnation, Bulgarian rose, iris and musk. Women with brown or chestnut hair are expected to wear floral or green (natural) fragrances, which may contain gardenia, acacia and honeysuckle."

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