Where Can I Find Yves Rocher Vie Privée? {Ask Marie-Helene}


Madam :

Would you please tell me where I can find a perfume which called Vie privée (eau de parfum) by Yves Rocher. I’m just wondering if that item still exists and if I can order in Canada.

Thank you for your help.

My Do


Dear My Do,


Vie Privée by Yves Rocher was not long ago made part of their Réédition Parfum collection and as its name indicates include one of those fragrances that the company may choose to pull out from their archives and bring back by popular demand.

Originally introduced in 1989, Vie Privée, a white floral bouquet featuring jasmine, orange flower and narcissus, was selected as being worthy of a reintroduction in 2007...


It was discontinued again in 2009. I personally recall this event as I purchased one of the last bottles standing on the shelves then and was told that it was going to be retired.

The good news for you is that it was yet again reintroduced this fall 2010 as it is listed as a new item on the Yves Rocher website in France (you are not alone in your devotion to the scent.) The bad news however is that I do not see this perfume appearing either on the American or Canadian websites at this point.

French second-hand auction sites carry the perfume sometimes, so I would check there and see if a seller is willing to ship internationally or ask someone I know to purchase it from an Yves Rocher store in the hexagone.

All the best,

-- Marie-Helene

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  1. Hi, I'm a bit late but I have the parfum

    • Hi Ella. I am interested in this parfum as well. Can you please let me know where I can find it?
      Thank you

  2. Hello. Try Day dream from Avon, it is exact the same smell.

    Maria Jose

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