Avon Slip Into (2011): The Transformative Power of High Heels: Fronted by Christy Turlington {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


slip-into-christy-turlington-avon.jpgAvon will launch a new women's fragrance from January 2011 called Slip Into.

When I first read the name of the new perfume I thought about lingerie. But no, it turns out to be about shoes... and empowerment, a very feminine version of it,

It’s really about that moment of slipping out of flats into high heels — that act that makes women feel more confident, more sexy and more sophisticated.”...


Model and humanitarian activist Christy Turlington Burns has been invited to be the face of Slip Into. Off the job, Turlington Burns readily confesses to personally favoring practical, sensible flats which fit better into the lifestyle of a mom of two as she sees it,

I can really admire [high heels] because I don’t wear them too often,” said Turlington Burns. “I’m not one of the moms who wears heels when dropping the kids at school,” added the mother of two. Her more casual style even prompted her seven-year-old daughter to declare, “You’re not a fancy mom.”

The scent is described as floriental and was created by IFF. It opens on top notes of blackberry, freesia and violet leaf; the heart rests on rosewood, violet and butterfly orchid; the lingering notes are Cashmeran, sueded orris root and golden ambers.

The flacon mimics the curve and the tension of a woman's calf as she slips into a high-heeled shoe.

Avon have decided to offer two different concentrations of the perfume depending on the regional market. Quite simply put, in the USA, it will be an Eau de Parfum ($28 for 50 ml), more lasting than an Eau de Toilette in principle although it can also have to do with a different balance of the notes. The Eau-de-Toilette version will be available to the rest of the world ($22,50 for 50 ml.)

While anti-perfume movements are more commonplace in North America, the regional culture is also known for preferring lasting, "heavy-duty" fragrances as the idea of reapplying a scent several times a day is deemed in general to not mesh well with the hectic, work-centered lifestyle.


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