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Don't you love discovering a new niche perfume house which is truly flying under the radar (I have a second one coming up and maybe a third and a fourth)? I just happened on the site of a new fragrance brand with definite roots in Grasse while being officially located in Paris, in the Place Vendôme. It was set up a year ago and opened for business 10 days ago. A more general advertising campaign is planned from February 2011. 

Brecourt was founded by perfumer Emilie Bouge whom I happen to have listed in my work-in-progress: Directory of Perfumers, Artistic Directors and Designers. The co-founder is her sister Marie-Eugénie Bouge who acts as artistic director for the house. Both are graduates of the school of perfumery ISIPCA and come from a two-century-old family of Grassois noses. Perfumer Jean-Marie Santantoni is said to have collaborated with Emilie Bouge on the fragrances. He is the author of Calvin Klein Escape for Women, Ralph Lauren, Rykiel Homme...


To explain their motivation for creating a new fragrance brand, the two sisters write that Brecourt was set up "...with the goal to transmit to you their passion for perfumery: a passion for the rare, the exclusive, for quality, for an unending quest for new olfactive emotions."

So far, the collection comprises 7 women's fragrances and 4 men's colognes. Mauvais Garçon, Esprit Mondain, Contre Pouvoir and Eau Libre are the men's scents. Avenue Montaigne, Harâm, Ambre Noir, Eau Trouble, Eau Blanche, L'Amoureuse, Agaressence are the feminine ones.

Contrary to a market tendency which associates the names of niche perfume houses with increasingly skyrocketing prices to better denote the rare and the exclusive, Brecourt are more in line with a niche brand like Parfums de Nicolaï and have opted for affordability. All the perfumes are priced at 29,90€ for 50 ml. Samples are currently free as a way to help promote the brand. The e-commerce website ships internationally but the scents will be distributed in brick-and-mortar stores only in France.

Brecourt is also on trend with a number of perfumers who have decide to set up their own independent brands. Not that this has never existed, but there is a new wave happening currently with the likes of Pierre Guillaume, Olivia Giacobetti, Francis Kurkdjian. Bertrand Duchaufour has recently said that he was contemplating creating his own label. And here, Emilie Bouge.

The brand has the aim to develop as a direct sales operation and is currently recruiting salespersons; a career plan can be consulted on the site.


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