One Drop and You're...The Fragrance Foundation USA Reacts {Fragrance News}




While some North-American activists may want to finish the sentence One Drop (of Perfume) and You're...Dead or as good as dead (see for example here and here and here), it is precisely on the very soil of contestation that the Fragrance Foundation America have decided to sensitize people to the inoffensive yet potent beauties of perfume by launching last year their One Mighty Drop campaign...


"The Fragrance Foundation launched the One Mighty Drop campaign to reinvigorate the fragrance industry and get consumers excited about trying, buying, and using fragrance again. One Mighty Drop stems from the idea that fragrance has the power to transform and becomes the ultimate expression of your individuality."

This year, they are trying to lasso in good will again by launching an effort on an easier aspect of fragrance, the visual. Everyone is invited to design their dream fragrance bottle on the Foundation's dedicated site. You can then save your design and share it.

Students of the High School Fashion Industries have already been invited to parcipate in a formal contest of which the finalists have been announced. The competition focuses on graphics rather than bottle-making. It's fun and meant to call attention to perfume in a relaxed and positive way.

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