P & G or the Scent-Marketing Edge Applied to the Dry Cleaning Business {Fragrance News}


tide-dry-cleaners.jpgAn article in the New York Times reports on the renewed attempt by Procter & Gamble to nail down the dry cleaning business with a new chain called Tide Dry Cleaners. A notoriously difficult industry to succeed in,....


P & G hope that immediate brand-name recognition, better thought-out services and a de facto scent-marketing approach will help them on the way to enduring success.

The power of our brands represents disruptive innovation in these industries,” said Nathan Estruth, vice president for FutureWorks, P.& G.’s entrepreneurial arm. “Imagine getting to start my new business with the power of Tide.”

And the lure of its fragrance. P.& G. plans to infuse the stores and its dry cleaning fluids with the scent of the brand that’s been cozily familiar to generations of households...

 Apparently, it works,

"During a recent weekday, a steady stream of customers seemed willing to give the Tide store a try. In a positive omen for P.& G., several swooned over Tide.

“It smelled really good in there,” said Harlan Smith, 42, who was on a business trip and dropped off some pants. “When I think of Tide, I have so many good feelings. I’m surprised they didn’t think of it sooner.

I thought it was interesting to see how the olfactory marketing approach is supported by a visual one since the stores are painted orange, the staff wear orange golf shirts so as to remind customers of the product even more. And of course, the name is very direct. Otherwise one could point out that P & G must have already used Tide in their former unsuccessful dry-cleaning chains.

On the website of Tide Dry Cleaners, the new company wants to appear both familiar and revolutionary. They also specify that they offer an "unscented-upon-request" option for those who would be less tolerant of perfume. Otherwise, the scentt motto is "light, fresh, and clean."

"We've been in your home for over 60 years. It's about time we got our own place. Discover a fresh approach to dry cleaning. Visit one of our locations today and see how we are changing dry cleaning for good."

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