Basmati Rice is Losing its Fragrance {The 5th Sense in the News}

basmati_rice_India.jpgThe delicious aroma of steamed basmati rice may be on the wane due to global warming, The Times of India reports:

"NEW DELHI: An experiment by Indian agriculture scientists points to the enormous effect global warming could have on the fragrant basmati rice. Basmati, Sanskrit for the fragrant one, may lose not just its aroma, the famous long grains may get shorter, say scientists." [...] The extra heat, he said [H Pathak, principal investigator of Indian Agricultural Research Institute's Climate Change Challenge Programme], prevented the food stored by the plant from travelling to the grain. Consequently, it failed to grow to the right length. The heat also destroyed fatty acids stored in the grain which give the basmati its distinct fragrance when cooked.

Read more at Global Warming May Rob Basmati of its Fragrance

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