Chanel Les Exclusifs Now Available in Les Petits Flacons (2011) {Fragrance News - New Flacon}


Since the premices of the Chanel collection Les Exclusifs, which was announced as early as 2006, this exclusive library of scents has set new standards of minimalist elegance in the domain of prestige-cum-niche fragrance world. As recently as fall 2010, the new collection Couturier-Parfumeur by Dior is a testament to the felt desirability of this approach...



Now Chanel are making their brand of olfactory elegance more widely accessible thanks to a new size called "Petit Flacon" amounting to 2.5 fl oz.

"Fragrance connoisseurs can experience more of the rare, brilliantly nuanced scents of LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL Collection now that each is available in a petit 2.5 oz flacon."

Critiqued early on for launching what was felt to be by many as unnecessarily oversized flacons of 6.8 fl oz perfume, which curtailed the joys of discovering - and more importantly - wearing the whole line, the new downsizing will encourage the butterfly approach to the library of scents, pausing one day on one fragrance and gathering nectar from another one at another time.

Les Petits Flacons are priced at $110 and the Grands Flacons are priced at $210.

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