Tribute to Michael Jackson The Jackson Legend, Timeless from Neverland (2011): Made in Grasse, Approved by Jackson Senior {New Fragrances} {Celebrity Perfumes}


franck-rouas-michael-Jackson.jpgIn a quirky turn of events, a US- and France-based French brand of perfumes, Julian Rouas, Paris  will launch a debut duo of men's and women's scents inspired by pop legend Michael Jackson, which were developed together with the Jackson clan, after the death of the icon. Post-mortem celebrity fragrances are a group of their own.... 


parfumeur-joseph-rubino.jpgPerfumer Joseph Rubino

These celebrity perfumes of a special kind are titled The Jacson Legend for Men and Timeless from Neverland for Women. They are part of a collection called Tribute to Michaël Jackson. The fragrances will launch on March 7th in Las Vegas with a host of celebrities in attendance, including Silvester Stallone and Janet Jackson.

While France has been somewhat less enthusiastic than the US about celebrity fragrances, it has nevertheless caught up more recently under the American influence.

Founder of Julian Rouas, Franck Rouas, explains that the project was born literally on the spur of the moment when two kids came up to him at a show asking to borrow his pen. Why, did he ask? It was to get an autograph from the Jacksons. Rouas then was immediately inspired to throw in two of his perfumes for the Jacsons to smell who then declared themselves charmed. Versailles by Julian Rouas has reportedly already been sold in 300 000 copies in the US and was developed in association with the Osmothèque, according to the brand's website. Ensued a project to create perfumes inspired by the King of Pop. A contract was signed 10 days later on December 12th, 2010.

After that, it was a sprint to develop the fragrances on time for a spring 2011 launch. Grassois perfumer Joseph Rubino had to imagine the compositions based on accounts given by the family and materials and evocations sent from the United States such as unique combinations of flowers and scented objects from Neverland. For Timeless from Neverland, there were 18 tries, 5 final propositions. Sample 375 was felt by the nose to be the most susceptible to please Joe Jackson, and he was right, while the perfumer himself preferred sample 378, which Jackson senior decided to keep for a potential future perfume.

A fragrance for Sharon Stone is also apparently up in the air.

Via Grasse Ma Ville; Au Pays de Cerise for Nice Matin; Gala

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  1. Speaking as both a fragrance addict and a longtime Michael Jackson fan... I can already smell the faint whiff of bad taste :-|


    • I think they'll hope you go past this whiff and try the perfume, as a longtime Michael Jackson fan :)

      Chant Wagner
  2. C’est un événement deplorable, d’autant plus que Julian Rouas s’est construit une réputation de chiasse à Los Angeles au fil des années.
    La Famille Jackson aurait quand même pu choisir quelqu’un de moins corrompu. Julian Rouas a escroqué beaucoup de gens aux États-Unis. Quelle honte !! Michael doit se retouner dans sa tombe. Suivez le lien ci-dessous...


    • Nous n'avons pas, bien entendu, les élements pour répondre à votre commentaire. L'avocat de Julian Rouas ainsi que les avocats des autres parties concernées seront sans doute mieux à même de le faire.

      Chant Wagner
  3. Julian Rouas has been exposed. Everything leads to one clear conclusion: this is a shameful exploitation of Michael Jackson. Being a MJ fan, I'm indignant. Someone blew the whistle on Julian Rouas in his blog... And it's not pretty...
    This is a must read:

    Mental City

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