Eau d'Italie Jardin du Poète (2011) {New Fragrance}


Eau d'Italie Hotel Le Sirenuse will launch their 8th fragrance this spring called Jardin du Poète (The Garden of the Poet.) It was composed by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour in collaboration with brand owners Marina Sersale and Sebastian Alvarez and is inspired by Sicily...


Two years in the making, the composition was reportedly approached as somewhat of a perilous exercise in eschewing the obvious: to take aromatic and citrus notes that are quite common within the Italian olfactory landscape, yet succeed in bringing a novel, perhaps even original twist to cooling, refreshing notes such as bitter orange and basil.

Thematically speaking, Jardin du Poète weaves further the garden motif dear to the brand and which already appears in fragrances such as Magnolia Romana, an elegant vision of a Roman garden and Au Lac, a romantic and tragic Italian garden set by a lake.

The Eau de Toilette is said to open on top notes of natural essences of bitter orange, grapefruit and basil. In the heart, the immortelle flower blooms together with angelica and pink peppercorn. The base notes are cypress, vetiver and a radiant musk.

You can read reviews of some of their previous compositions: Eau d'Italie Bois d'Ombrie, Sienne l'Hiver and Paestum Rose (2006) and Baume du Doge (2008.)

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