Cartier Baiser Volé (2011) {New Fragrance}

baiser_vole_FRagonard_1766.jpgAfter Le Baiser du Dragon (2003), jeweller Cartier are turning once more to the mythology of kissing with their upcoming women's perfume launch, Baiser Volé (Stolen Kiss.)...


It is also a rather rapid follow-up to Cartier de Lune, their most recent introduction. Like it, it will be yet another floral composition. 

The perfume, signed by in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent, is an ode to the lily flower. According to the initial information that has been released, we are invited to contemplate an extraordinary lily, one which for the first time will reportedly capture all the facets of the Calla Lily.

On a more semantic level, I find it potentially interesting that the perfumer once said that of all the Cartier fragrances she would have liked to have composed Le Baiser du Dragon. Baiser Volé might then be something of a creative challenge for the nose.

The scent is said to be fresh, floral and powdery. The powdery facet is an allusion to the pistils of the flower, the floral nuance wants to capture the carnal aspect of the petals and the freshness comes from the leaves on the stem.

We might also think comparatively of Beauty by Calvin Klein which aimed in 2010 to be a "neo-lily" fragrance composition.

Baiser Volé, which will be available in eau de parfum (including a roll-on) and parfum, is set to launch in the second half of 2011.

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Picture: La Baiser Volé by Fragonard, 1766. Hermitage Museum.

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