Chanel to Launch Jersey & No. 19 Poudré (2011) {New Perfumes}

Gabrielle_chanel-jersey-1929.jpgThe head perfumer for the house of Chanel, Jacques Polge, revealed in an interview with Women's Wear Daily (WWD) this week that the brand will launch two new perfumes in the fall of 2011 which are named Jersey and No. 19 Poudré...


The first one is a fragrance titled Jersey, which like Beige, will reference closely the couture history of Chanel. It is a reference to a fabric of predilection used by the house from the early days, a symbol of Coco Chanel's anglophilia, fondness for supple material allowing ease of movements and adapted to the then modernizing lifestyle of women. Jersey will be part of the Les Exclusifs collection which comprises the boutique, niche offerings of Chanel.

The second fragrance is a variation on the classic No. 19 by Chanel called No. 19 Poudré, a galbanum and iris composition which will see its iris facet further amplified thanks in part to the house's unique access to top quality materials. Iris is an extremely costly ingredient in perfumery but Chanel is famously known for its privileged relations with a few select suppliers.

The brand has been rethinking its classics in the recent period, most notably with the launch of Eau Première, a rejuvenated version of the No. 5.

It is not known at this point whether the term "poudré" in French, which literally means "powdery", is an allusion to the powdery facet of iris, which would be logical, or a reference to the genre of the chypre sometimes called by old-timers a "poudré." No. 19 is known as a green chypre. The term could of course encompass both meanings.


Photo source: Encyclopédie Universalis - Gabrielle Chanel wearing a jersey outfit in 1929.

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