Henrik of Denmark H Relies On The Positive Power of Negative Ions (2011) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Henrik_Margarethe_de_Danemark.jpgHenrik of Denmark, the Prince Consort of French origin to Queen Margrethe of Denmark born as Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, will launch his first perfume called H. According to AFP, the prince chose the ingredients of H himself. Among them one can notice the mention of two notes of essential oils of grapefruit and cedarwood...


This is a classic combination well-known to aromatherapy fiends as both essential oils together are known to be particularly efficacious in releasing negative ions, which are deemed healthy for man's and women's well-being.

Grapefruit has been shown to have the added advantage of making you appear younger and lighter.

H will be sold exclusively in France at the Château de Caïx in the royal couple's residence in the south-west of France. Henrik of Danemark is also a wine grower. The perfume was developed by Danish company GOSH.


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