Top Ten Beauty Moves That Turn Off A Guy {Beauty Notes}

men_date_night_pantene_dating_mistakes.jpgBy Megan McIntyre

We know looking your hottest is a must if you're playing the dating game, but we were really surprised to learn that, according to a recent Pantene study, 74% of guys actually make their first impression of you based on your hairstyle. To add to that, 70% of the guys said that a date's bad hair can actually distract them in a bad way.

Bottom line: The beauty choices you make are the very first thing a dude uses to evaluate you on a date, long before you even get the chance to say hello....

"Ninety-three percent of all inter-personal communication is non-verbal," says Steve Ward, host of VH1's Tough Love and CEO of Master Matchmakers. "When a man is sitting in front of a woman, he can be completely oblivious to what she's saying because he's thinking about what she looks like."

With that in mind, we asked Steve to share some of the beauty and fashion moves women do in an effort to look hot, but in reality, guys can't stand them.

Read on, his answers may surprise you!


Gunked-Up Hair
This is the biggie: In the Pantene survey, an overwhelming 80% of men said that they considered unhealthy,%

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