Diesel Loverdose was Created to Stimulate the Sexual Attraction Center in the Brain (2011) {New Fragrance}


Diesel, which have been cornering the market on cool sexiness, are going a step further this time with the upcoming release of a new women's perfume called Loverdose. The term is a portmanteau of love + overdose, not of lover + dose nor a French-sounding L'Overdose. Despite its name, the eau de parfum was reportedly carefully designed to control the sexual deportment of its wearer and (public, random) targets. The thought might be a bit scary if the perfume is really that efficacious - so use with caution.

According to the brand, the perfume contains special molecules which have the property of triggering and stimulating the hypothalamus, the center regulating sexual behavior...

The tag line is "Loverdose is a beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction."

Diesel do not name any specific molecules while usually fragrance brands use the term "pheromones" to call attention to their surgically-targeting love potions. The vagueness lets you imagine that Diesel might have used even edgier, state-of-the-art molecules.

Apart from that, the scent is said to open on top notes of mandarin and star anise seguing into a heart of licorice, gardenia petals and sambac jasmine. The base notes are woods, amber and vanilla.

The smell of licorice has been shown by research studies to have an aphrodisiac effect on men -- see Aromas that Smell Sexiest to Men (in the U.S.)

Le-Baiser-Du-Dragon-cartier.jpgThe flacon looks like a cross between a heart and a cupid's arrow all molded into one deconstructed glass heart, with ideas borrowed from Cartier le Baiser du Dragon (on the left) and Vera Wang Princess.

While these references are visible, the Loverdose bottle strikes you with its effort at offering an original design.

The fragrance launches in September 2011.

Via parfumerie.nl

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