Excelcis Benedictus Takes Inspiration from Benedict XVI's Biography (2011) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}



Excelsis Fine Fragrances, which debuted in 2007 with a historical recipe recreated as The Pope's Cologne are now offering a follow-up scent inspired by yet another pope, this time our contemporary Benedict XVI.

Benedictus is meant to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the pope's ordination to the priesthood in Freising Cathedral, Bavaria 29 June 1951....


San-Francisco-based, independent, self-taught perfumer Dr. Frederick Hass reportedly "...created this fragrance appropriately with linden blossom from Benedict's native Germany, frankincense from the Holy Land and bergamot from Italy. The result is subtle and dignified, befitting a man of finely cultivated tastes. Barely perceptible is a nuance of citrus, and as it evolves, a discrete hint of musk. The overall impression is one of understated elegance. A slightly astringent and balsamic quality makes it a soothing and refreshing aftershave."

Available for $27 at ExcelsisUSA.com

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