Calvin Klein CK One On The Go Innovates with Travel Packaging {Fragrance News - New Flacon - Limited-Edition}

Calvin_Klein_CK_One_on_the_go.jpgCalvin Klein will issue a limited-edition flacon containing the iconic unisex fragrance of the 90s, CK One (1994). The edition is called CK One on the Go and will debut on July 17, 2011.

The 20 ml flat container was shaped after the model of a credit card making it is easy to just slip into your jeans pocket -dixit the brand - to accompany you in your Wanderlust moments...


This creative packaging enables the label to neatly tie in the perfume branch of their business with their fashion arm at a time when a CK One jeans label has been created and an advertising campaign proclaims "CK One Jeans...Underwear...Fragrance."

The petite size of the unconventional flacon and its price point at 10€ will amp up the easiness factor for all, especially the young.

In 2010, a 15 ml size flacon for CK One had been made available through the use of pop-up vending machines in the Parisian metro, also priced at 10€ each. Calvin Klein are now going a step further by rethinking the bottle and turning it into a pop-art object.

They wanted you to buy CK One instead of a bar of cereals, now they're inviting you to whip out your fragranceas easily as your plastic card.



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